"We Are All Broken"



"Inspired by God and Trust,

she followed her heart in the name of Love for Him"

Quote by Antonia

All of us have a story. All of us are, in our own way, broken. No matter what we’re dealing with—anxiety, depression, heartbreak, loss of a loved one—there are points in our lives when we can’t help but ask, “Am I strong enough to make it

through?” I created Antonia’s Promise jewelry as a symbol of our brokenness and a reminder that prayer and our trust in God will help us heal. No one knows this truth more than I do. I have lived through darkness and come out the other side. God has granted me miracles, and I vowed to thank Him by creating these crosses to help others keep the faith during tough times.


The figure featured on these crosses, broken and bent in prayer, represents all of us and the challenges we face. I hope that wearing these crosses will remind you that you are not alone in your suffering because God is with you. Stay strong in your faith and I promise you, there are brighter days ahead!


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